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4/25/07 4:37:37AM

Some HLs;
Talks about CCs loss and about myth that Prides HW's were overated...

They played a clip of Dana saying that he was still interested in Josh fighting for them...

Josh has no hard feelings toward Dana...

Says UFC's HW division is coming together...

Uh... a whole bunch of other things including fighting in Japan vs. US

...He compares rules of the two orgs (as he has done several times now)...

...and talks about how he just wants to fight...

and he doesn't seem to care much for Tim Sylvia...
4/25/07 7:01:13AM
Any thoughts? I think he made some great points about PRIDEs scoring system being better.
4/25/07 11:39:36AM
I think people are too lazy to listen to audio clips.
I disagree with Barnett when he says UFC would give the round to the guy that's on top. I do agree with him when he says that UFCs 10point system sucks in that it could cause a guy to lose the whole fight if he lost the first 2 rounds and didn't get the KO in the 3 round even if he completely dominated the 3 round.
Also great to hear that Barnett really wants Nog !
4/25/07 11:48:34AM

Posted by Mayo

I think people are too lazy to listen to audio clips.

It's easier than reading
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