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2/21/08 2:24:08AM
I haven't heard anything about him in a while, and since i was never into Pride, can i get some info on where abouts Josh Barnett is these days?
2/21/08 2:26:14AM
go 2 secondary league and see
2/21/08 6:51:36AM
yea man he is fighting for World Victory Road against Hidehiko Yoshida on march 5th.
2/21/08 8:31:50AM
And after that he's expected to sign with Dream.
2/21/08 10:17:26AM

Posted by cmill21

And after that he's expected to sign with Dream.

I'd love to see Barnett-v-Cro Cop, where both fighters are rested and ready to rumble. Their Final Conflict match was kind of a let-down, even though I was pulling for Cro Cop to win. Barnett had just fought a war with Nogueira, and Cro Cop had hardly taken a punch against Silva. They made a good argument against having the Semi-Final and Final of a tournament on the same night.
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