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2/3/13 12:48:10PM

"Something interesting happened about 10 minutes ago," said White, at the postfight press conference. "Anthony Pettis said, 'I want to go to 145 and fight Jose Aldo.' He told me he'll make 145."

"It didn't cross my mind until he texted me, but it's crossing my mind now," White said. "I like it, and I like Pettis."

Aldo (22-1), who defeated Edgar via unanimous decision, expressed interest in the fight.

"It's up to Dana, but it's an interesting fight," Aldo said. "I train to fight the best. I respect them all. I think Pettis is close to a title shot in his own division."

Personally it think aldo needs to go to 155, the cut seems to be getting to be too much. he even said he always get sick doing it.
2/3/13 1:30:37PM
Please don't eff over the own divisions contenders by giving guys in a different weight class a leapfrog title shot.

Aldo vs Lamas up next.
2/3/13 2:17:47PM
Honestly I would rather see Aldo drop the strap and come up, that would spice up both divisions more than Pettis dropping down, Pettis already has a guaranteed title shot at 155 but he doesn't want to wait or lose his shot again, that's why he's offering to fight Aldo for the strap at 145.
2/3/13 2:19:05PM
2/3/13 2:32:07PM
I think its pretty clear the structerd UFC we all are used to is being pushed aside for huge dollar fights. I love it who wouldn't want to see Pettis Aldo? I think its great guys are calling out the best guys in the world.
2/3/13 4:35:50PM
I'm getting pretty tired of guys getting immediate shots in new divisions. Vitor didn't deserve a shot at Jones. Chael doesn't either.

That said, I can't think of a more entertaining scrap than this one. I think that, other than Anderson Silva, Aldo and Pettis have the most entertaining striking games in MMA. I'm a hypocrite, but I say make it happen!

In the meantime, let Lamas and Zombie fight for #1 contender spot
2/3/13 4:36:45PM
on one hand i dont like all this division jumping because top contenders might lose their shot they earned, but on the other hand a fight between pettis and aldo sounds amazing. the big difference between aldo/edgar and aldo/pettis, is pettis has nasty KO power and if he could land as many shots on a tired aldo as frankie did, aldo would probably get KTFO. i say they make this fight happen and send an apology letter the Lamas.
2/3/13 4:48:38PM

Posted by airkerma


So Pettis can kick his ass !!!!
2/3/13 6:01:18PM
Pettis needs to stay at 155. Not like he has ruled that division. Not the champ. Boring loss to Guida and very close win against Stephens.

No need to rush it.
2/3/13 7:38:48PM
This moving fighters up and down in divisions for title fights needs to stop. I understand moving Edgar but Sonnen and Belfort should have never been fighting for LHW title and shows lack of respect for the fighters fighting in that weight class. Rashad and now Pettis is just BS.
2/3/13 9:27:47PM
I hate it but I understand this happening at MW and LHW due to the lack of a clear #1 contender (which is messed up for Gustaffson and Weidman to be sure). At 145 it is completely messed up! Swanson, Jung, Lamas and Siver are all making moves to be the clear #1 contender and I think Lamas is it at 145 right now.
2/3/13 10:01:57PM
Benson v. Pettis is more important.
2/4/13 10:21:26AM
I'm not sure why they would want to make Aldo-Pettis happen over Bendo-Pettis rematch. I suppose because Bendo is fighting Gil first and may lose.

I hate the weight class change and immediate title shot but Pettis and Aldo might be the two best strikers at their weight class and now that Aldo is 'show timing' and jumping off the cage, I really want to see the fight.
2/4/13 11:32:24AM
Its a win-win for Pettis. If he beats Aldo, he becomes FW Champ and moves into a higher tax bracket. He loses to Aldo, he is still borderline Top 5 at LW only needing a win to face the LW Champ. Smart move by Pettis in my opinion.
2/4/13 12:16:51PM
Why dont they punch Lamas and the Korean Zombie in the nuts while theyre at it.
2/4/13 1:37:08PM
I'm not concerned with being the pecking order police, I'm a fan and i want to see great fights and Aldo/Pettis is a great fight. I have no personal stake in Ricardo Lamas's career, or Chris Weidman's, or whoever's, I'm a fan of watching good fights, not of being concerned with backstage politics. If they put two guys in the cage that all but guarantee fireworks, then I'm a happy fan, regardless of where they're ranked.