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2/25/13 3:07:23PM
Jose Aldo Is Now ‘Absolutely Refusing’ Anthony Pettis Fight; UFC President Threatens Consequences If Aldo Doesn’t Go Through With It

If there’s one thing that makes Dana White‘s head spin — besides Meniere’s Disease, obviously — it’s UFC champions who turn down fights. So you can imagine how he felt when Jose Aldo‘s manager recently approached the UFC president to explain that his client didn’t want to fight Anthony Pettis after all. The Aldo vs. Pettis featherweight title fight had already been confirmed earlier this month, and is scheduled to go down on August 3rd. Here’s Dana explaining the situation to media following UFC 157:

2/25/13 3:09:55PM
This totally sucks, the fight would've been awesome candidate of fight of the year.

Hopefully it gets work out soon.
2/25/13 3:14:03PM
Guess you need to pull Silva an GSP type PPV figures to be able to pick your opponents. . .
2/25/13 4:18:07PM

Posted by SmileR

Guess you need to pull Silva an GSP type PPV figures to be able to pick your opponents. . .

As it should be
2/25/13 4:21:14PM
Way to go Vitor.....horrible advice given to young Jozay
2/25/13 4:27:33PM
Aldo and his camp need to suck it up. Who the hell does he think he is??? Any chance hes scared to fight Pettis??? Pettis is the best competition in terms of a striker he has seen thus far. This fight will happen, theres no doubt. Dana will make it happen.
2/25/13 5:06:21PM
I think he's probably getting bad advice from his manager/coaches. I doubt he's scared to fight. They are probably trying to exert influence and get an easier fight, but that's lame.
2/25/13 5:06:23PM
If you're the champion of a division you fight whoever the fuck wants to step into your division. As a fan of Jose I ask why you refuse to fight someone? I can understand calling out weaker fighters and I can understand saying no to fighters but there is no way you can refuse if the manager tells you thats who your fighting, after all your the champion of your division your supposed to be the best. It's not like the managers saying you have to go up or down a weight class, he's just saying your defending your belt.

Silva can say to Weidman that he thinks he should earn a shot etc, but Silva hasn't ever refused.

Someone drops down to fight in a division for a first time you should see it as your advantage, sounds to me like he hasn't got the confidence he can dominate Pettis and I can understand why. Pettis' weaknesses aren't in the skillset of Jose Aldo.
2/25/13 5:25:33PM
I'm sure somehow this is all Greg Jackson's fault though right Dana?
2/25/13 5:44:10PM
this fight better happen. i was getting really excited to see it. i hope dana follows through with some kind of punishment because this shows that jose doesnt give a shit about what the fans want.
2/25/13 5:59:28PM
In Brazil, it's the "COOL" thing to yell "your gonna die" to us Amercians......

.....In THE UNITED STATES OF CHAEL, we like to yell to the Brazilians "your gonna back out...."
2/25/13 6:09:17PM
Thank you Jose for finally stopping all this weight jumping automatic titleshot crap. If Ken-Flo had to fight for his contendership in 145 why not Pettis? Edgar not having to fight for contendership made sense because that was, at least in my opinion a super fight.

Hell even Chael earned his titleshot more than Pettis, by saying he wanted to fight Bones on ten day's notice when everyone in that division passed.

Just for the record I route for Pettis and all of WI fighters, I just don't want to see more automatic weight jumping titleshots' to become the norm.

2/25/13 7:31:43PM
I can see where he's coming from sort of. Pettis is a high risk fight for someone who hasn't once fought in the division. I could understand everyone's issues with Aldo turning it down if there were no other contenders, but there is. Everyone wanted to see the Edgar fight, and we did. Now lets get back to the real division. No reason for two straight title fights against guys who haven't fought in the division.
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