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10/31/09 4:04:42PM
“My expectations are the best as possible, I’m training a lot to make an excellent fight”, Aldo said. “My fans can expect the best of me and I’ll represent Brazil very well. I’m studying his strong sides, he has a good Wrestling and standing up he’s dangerous. I don’t see an specific place that I could win, so I’m preparing well in all the ways, emphasizing the stand up and the ground and training a little of Wrestling too. I’m 100% ready to any situation and the audience can expect a good fight“.
10/31/09 5:59:14PM
Can't wait for this one!
10/31/09 8:37:39PM
This is going to be a great fight. Aldos Flying knee KO of Cub Swanson is awesome and Brown is a freighttrain. I think Aldo ends up getting KTFO! WAR MIKE BROWN!!!
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