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7/12/10 7:27:46AM
When WEC 50 was mapped out, the biggest question was who would face Dominick Cruz in his first title defense? The answer ultimately was Joseph Benavidez, who takes on the champion on Aug. 18. The person he got the nod over as top contender also returns on the same date, with a title shot of his own on the line. Scott Jorgensen faces Brad Pickett in a bantamweight bout on the main card of WEC 50, and according to his manager, the Idaho based fighter is the next contender in line for a shot at the belt if he wins. "If Scott wins this fight, he will get the next title shot for sure," Mike Roberts of MMA Inc. said on MMAWeekly Radio recently. WEC General Manager Reed Harris appeared on the radio show, stopping short of a guarantee, but said that all signs point towards a Jorgensen title shot if he comes away with a victory. "Assuming he gets a win, and depending on the performance, I think he's going to be right up there. I think I agree with you there," Harris commented about Jorgensen's title hopes.

7/12/10 8:55:50AM
I'm worried they are trying to fast track Faber to the title if Joe dosn't win. It says in the Report that Reed Harris would not confirm Jorgensen getting the shot. I know they want Faber to hold a belt and who can blame them Hell I do to but Scott has done very well of late and if he gets past Picket he should get the shot. I think he will do well agianst Picket but Brad has looked great in his last two fights I can't wait for this event.
7/12/10 9:01:09AM
Also of note in the article is that depending on how Cruz-Benavidez goes, it could be one of those friend/teammate fights, but that doesn't sound like an issue.
7/12/10 4:05:21PM
I love how Jorgensen fights. Would be a great fight against either Cruz or Benavidez. Scott has turned into a great all around fighter with a hell of a chin.
7/12/10 6:53:03PM
Hard to pick a winner as I like both Scotty & Picket but I think Scotty can get the W and earn himself a title shot.
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