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8/18/08 10:57:24AM
Over the past weekend UFC fighter Kenny Florian announced details of a memorial fund set up in honor of Jorge Rivera's daughter Jessica, who died unexpectedly earlier this month. The address to send donations to is below:

316 Hartford Ave.
Bellingham, MA 02019

Checks should be made out to Jorge Rivera.

8/18/08 6:13:15PM
thanx man. this needs a bump.
8/18/08 6:19:59PM
Maybe a mod could sticky it so it stays at the top. I'll also try and look to see if there's a way to donate online, I have no problem with sending a check for a few bucks (can't afford too much with financial issues but I know every little bit helps) but I prefer to do it online.

Edit: The link in the first post no longer works. Mania took the page down.
8/18/08 7:30:09PM
wow thats tragic im gonna donate like you said man every little bit helps im also gonna re post this on my fight camp page so everyone getss the opportunity.
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