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8/7/08 6:07:32PM
My heart goes out to the family.


Janessa M. Rivera
Janessa M. Rivera CRANSTON, R.I. Janessa Marie Rivera, 17, passed suddenly at Kent County Hospital, Warwick, R.I., on Aug. 5, 2008, after being stricken.
8/7/08 6:14:06PM
After being stricken by what? Thats sad my heart goes out to the family.
8/7/08 6:16:51PM
I feel for him, I have two kids myself and I couldn't imagine something like that happening.
My sincerest apologies goes out to Jorge and his family.

Stay strong bro,
8/7/08 6:23:09PM

Posted by postman

After being stricken by what? Thats sad my heart goes out to the family.

The article is very unspecific. Doesn't say stricken by illness or stricken by someone or something. After what I quoted it basically talks about who her family is and when services will be held.
8/7/08 6:33:41PM
my condolences to the family.
2 things we all know about Rivera is that he does everything he does for his family whether it be construction or fighting and that he had children cause he never hesitated to say I love you on any interview after any fight.
8/7/08 6:34:01PM
yea my prayers definitely go out to him and his loved ones
8/7/08 6:36:18PM

Stay strong Jorge, you have people prayin for you
8/7/08 6:43:08PM
Holy shit that is jus terrible.........stay strong jorge keep ur head up......the good always die young bro life sucks like that.........i hope u and ur family make it threw the hard times........ur a solid individual and i wish u the best!!!
8/7/08 6:59:58PM
My prayers go out to Jorge and his family. I have a little girl and would be devistated if anything happened to her.
8/7/08 9:19:58PM
wow. this sucks. i feel so bad for jorge and his family. i can't imagine what their going through.
8/7/08 9:25:02PM
My prayers to the Rivera family.

Stay strong Jorge
8/7/08 10:17:26PM
as already stated this is very tragic news..i wonder what happened
8/7/08 11:39:06PM
My condolences go out to the rivera family. I know I've heard jorge talk about his kids alot and he really loves them. my thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. No one should ever have to deal with the death of the child
8/8/08 1:16:53AM
wow...that is horrible. keep the fam in your prayers!

8/8/08 9:27:17AM
condolences to the Rivera family
8/8/08 12:38:59PM
As said jorge does everything for his family. this is very dad. i would hope/assume she knew he loved her. always saying it after fights, as well as the portrait on his arm.
sad sad

stay strong jorge
8/8/08 4:15:02PM
Hope UFC gives him another shot.
8/8/08 4:51:30PM

Posted by F--K_Luck_AuH2O

Hope UFC gives him another shot.

Didn't know he was out of the UFC
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