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8/17/07 9:44:08AM
I was just listening to 1530am here in Cincinnati and Jorge was just on the show and said that he is fighting Alvin "The Kid" Robinson. Sorry this post isn't in the news share forum, but, I needed to have 25 posts or something before I can post there.
8/17/07 9:46:24AM
Jorge has not shown his full ability yet. Hopefully he can get going in this fight. I don't think robinson will get his ass kiscked by gurgel the way kenflo did, but i expect jorge to take it by a late stoppage or convincing decision
8/17/07 9:46:39AM
Thats who i thought Gurgel would get and im happy about it as i really think the Kid can beat Jorge, he looked good against Kenny and is built up well good like Randy said, he will sub Gurgel
8/17/07 9:52:04AM
I thought Robinson had a great chance against Florian. Florian just showed up with some great ju-jitsu. I think Robinson always has a good chance. He's aggressive and powerful. Look to see a good fight.
8/17/07 10:11:39AM
Good job to listening to the Homer, great station.

Wow, this is a tough fight, but a very exciting fight, I actually called this fight once Doug Evans went out.

People keep saying that Jorge is going to get caught in a sub, he is one of the best at submission defense and he is incredible in BJJ.
I am actually going to an open house of Jorge's tomorrow.

Jorge wins via decision in the fight of the night.
8/17/07 10:47:54AM
fight of the night? i dont think so. Alvin might pick up the win or jorge by decision.
8/17/07 10:52:30AM
I've liked Gurgel ever since seeing him on TUF, but I'm still yet to be impressed by him. I'm still most impressed from when he fought Hominick, and the way he brought it in the last round after dropping the first two. Hoping he can eventually show what he's all about, his jits is sick but his wrestling seems to only be mediocre. I'd have to pick Gurgel by UD, Robinson looked good, but I think Gurgel is more well rounded.
8/17/07 10:55:19AM
Jorge also claimed he was fighting Doug Evans so ill wait to hear this one from a credible source but if the fight does go down i think it will be very good i like Robinson and think he can be good and Gurgel hasnt been that impressive to me
8/17/07 11:06:04AM
I agree with AmericanFighterAce. I'd love to see Alvin do his best impression of Nate Quarry laying stiff on the mat, BUT I see this fight going the distance. I think both fighters have something to prove in the 155 division, theyre both great on the ground and they're TOUGH. Sounds like all the makings of a fight of the night 155 lb war. Jorge wins this fight, though, because its on his home turf, and he DOES have an advantage on the ground... Hes prolly one of the best BJJ guys around. Robinson could create problems on the feet, though, being a south paw and all. Im definitely excited about this fight. Hopefully it turns out to be a good card. Im keepin my fingers crossed to see Vera fight, too. We'll see. Im really just pumped to see Rich and Jorge fight live.
You'll have to post about the open house tommorrow. Sounds like its gonna be awesome, but, Im not gonna be able to make it.
Who Dey.
8/17/07 9:57:52PM
Jorge was scheduled to fight Doug Evans initially, but Evans had to pull out due to an injury he suffered fighting Roger Huerta that hadnt he heeled yet. Robinson stepped in to replace him
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