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1/4/13 8:56:35PM
Jordan Mein will be making his UFC debut in Montreal, Quebec at UFC 158. According to the Candian Press’ Neil Davidson, Mein will face Dan Miller on the March 16th card.

Lethbridge, Alberta’s Jordan Mein is a former Strikeforce fighter. With that promotion closing its doors, the UFC has decided to bring over ‘Young Gun’. Mein (26-8) is a Welterweight fighter on a two fight winning streak with his last win being a dominant performance over former UFC fighter Forrest Petz.

Dan Miller (14-6) has been fighting in the UFC since 2008. In his most recent UFC performance, Miller submitted Ricardo Funch in the third round. Miller has gone 6-5 in the octagon.

1/4/13 8:57:52PM
1/4/13 9:27:44PM

So glad they brought him over.
1/4/13 9:30:04PM
Probably Eric Silva on the card as well
I say go for a all welterweight card

Add marquadt vs Silva
And Pyle vs claude Patrick
1/4/13 9:31:11PM
This is an awesome fight. Mein is so much fun to watch glad the UFC decided to give the kid a chance
1/4/13 9:34:14PM
Good test for Mein in his first fight in the UFC.
1/4/13 9:48:23PM
Wow. This can't not be a great fight. I'm excited already
1/4/13 11:28:43PM
Win or lose Jordan is going to win a few more fans! Miller better not underestimate him.
1/4/13 11:37:17PM

Posted by FastKnockout

Good test for Mein in his first fight in the UFC.

No kidding. Miller is tough as hell. We'll see how Mein handles Dan's grinding style.
1/5/13 1:53:07AM
So happy at this Big fan of Mein and can't wait to see what the octagon has in store for him! This is a tough fight but both guys are about equal size, I'd give a solid stand up advantage to Mein and a decent wrestling advantage for Miller. I'm being pretty biased but I see Mein UD.
1/5/13 3:45:38AM
fireworks guaranteed