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10/20/12 2:28:25PM
Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson, coaches of the current season of The Ultimate Fighter, will square off at the season finale on Dec. 15 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The recently announced pairing of Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen as coaches for TUF 17 will not follow the same path.

The Ultimate Fighter Finale will take place at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, but it’s not going to feature the coaches. Jones vs. Sonnen will instead head a pay-per-view fight card on April 27, likely in New Jersey.

10/20/12 2:44:44PM
Interesting on a couple levels.

It makes financial sense, right, as it'll be the most hyped Duel of the Coaches in some time due to the title and Sonnen's mouth (and possibly how Bones is portrayed week-to-week). Lots of folks will buy the PPV to see one of these guys get thrashed. Will everyone? Of course not - Bones has become polarizing, but not in the way Lesnar was. But it'll make some good money for Zuffa and the fighters with points on the package.

Then there's the location, so much easier for Bones' people to make it out there. Obviously his direct family can make it to any event, but this one could easily include folks he grew up with. Will that come down to positive energy or added pressure?

It'll also be the first TUF title fight in over 2 years, with the last one being GSP-Koscheck 2. I'd actually expect a similar buyrate, presuming that both guys stay healthy and Sonnen does his thing on the show.
10/20/12 4:22:47PM
I'll pay Sonnen to make Sonnen pay medical bills for sure. NJ is perfect, riley ass crowds, hopefully we can get Barry in attendance for that one, crowd control!
10/20/12 4:49:38PM
IM from the south but respect Jersey minus the Jersey shore...but I love the way Jersey booed Guida for running the whole fight...
10/21/12 1:10:58PM
Wasn't expecting jersey
Never been. I may or may not go. Got a few months to decide
10/21/12 11:57:42PM
Helloooow New Jersey - - - the home of Nucky Thompson, a true gangster....

A message to the fans of 'The Garden State'

Yours truly will go into that fight with an amputated leg and still beat Jon Jones. This is Chael P. Sonnen we're talking about. Injuries can't seem to find me and the females don't seem to mind me. Nobody messes with the gangster from West Linn.

Now, go run along and get that Boardwalk shined up for yours truly.