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8/19/12 8:13:22PM
I did not throw this in news because Ariel Helwani said it was unconfirmed, but on this week's The MMA Hour, Helwani said this:

"What I heard from one source, just one, was that it was a one year deal worth $20,000. That's what I heard, but I have not been able to confirm that with multiple sources. One source very close to Jon, by the way, I should say. It's not like it's just source you know out of the blue."

link, about seven and a half minutes into the broadcast
8/19/12 9:07:39PM
Wow, that's pitiful if true.
8/19/12 9:16:06PM
I bet he's regretting the Bentley even more now

...He should get a Geico sponsorship ...

8/19/12 10:19:39PM
lol 20k a year.
8/19/12 11:34:10PM
I will take 20 k a year to wear free Nike shoes.
8/20/12 2:02:33AM
Jones probably can make $20k (or more) in beer bottle returns......
8/20/12 2:19:55AM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

Jones probably can make $20k (or more) in beer bottle returns......

8/20/12 2:28:32AM

Posted by decken

I will take 20 k a year to wear free Nike shoes.

same here

Although, as we know Jones is only about the money.
8/20/12 8:59:41AM
That doesn't sound right.

Everyone has it as a multi-year deal, with signature clothing line and plenty of advertising.

Maybe that was $20K for the first month's pay.

You're not going to sign up to be the "global face" of Nike for $20K.
8/20/12 11:09:53AM
Maybe Nike wants to work with him but the DWI was enough for them to worry. give him a 1 year deal low money and see how he acts.
8/20/12 11:14:22AM
I have trouble thinking 20k is all he got.

That is literally NOTHING to Nike. But hey who cares. Getting paid something is better then nothing
8/20/12 12:16:00PM
I'll put it this way....

I'd take $100 a month from Levi's to wear their pants

I'd take $50 a month from RVCA to wear their shirts

I'd take $25 a month from Adidas to wear their kicks

I'd take $10 a month from Electric to wear their shades

So $20,000 a year from Nike is not bad but yes, I figured it would be more
8/20/12 12:26:15PM
No way he is only getting 20k a year with NIKE... the billion dollar corporation
8/20/12 6:49:58PM
I'm with everyone that doesn't believe it's only 20K.
8/21/12 1:36:12AM
It's not the number I would've guessed but I'm not in disbelief.

Who is Jon Jones to the average American? At this point he doesn't have tons of star power...
8/21/12 7:39:13AM
Maybe it's $20k per mile driven in Nike shoes without another car accident?
8/21/12 10:09:26AM
I think Nike is covering Jones' insurance rate for the next year
8/22/12 4:28:43AM
I doubt it. Maybe 20k for the swoosh on the shorts per fight. Nike doesn't do 20k deals for the kinds of things that were being discussed, something that low would hurt their standing among professional athletes desiring sponsorship.
8/23/12 5:03:04AM
Yeah I can't see it being only $20k a year, that would be a slap in the face from Nike if that was all they offered. I mean we're talking about a company that signed Michael Jordan to $500,000 a year back in 1984. That's the year Jordan came into the league, yes you could argue that basketball is bigger than MMA, but really it wasn't until the beginning of the 80's that basketball actually started gaining popularity.

Fast forward to today, and Nike gave LeBron the day before he was drafted $93 million over 7 years, which they later resigned back in 2010 (though the details were not disclosed it is figured to be roughly 10 million a year). Again, I do not think that MMA has as big of a pull as basketball (especially for a company that was originally based upon basketball shoes), but still 20 grand has got to be a joke.
8/24/12 12:42:28AM
@FrontRowBrian reported that the deal was for one year initially and was worth $700k base pay, plus a % of his own signature line, including his own shoe.

He's a pretty reliable source most of the time