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12/9/11 7:12:31PM
Am I the only one who thinks machida is gonna win convincingly?
Jon jones is a very good fighter but im with machida always.
12/9/11 9:24:47PM
i hear ya man, although i did pick jones to win, i have been in your shoes. i think its an exciting matchup for jones, if he stays to the outside he could very well get out struck by machida. on the inside is tough to call because of machidas takedown defense. i think if machida wins it will no doubt be a decisive victory like a KO. other wise i think its a gonna be a long night.
12/9/11 11:19:43PM
I'm sure you're not the only one, but you would be a member of a pretty small group. Machida has never looked better though. He's packed on some serious muscle and he wants his belt back. I definitely think this is Jones' toughest fight to date though. I've got Jones winning a decision but giving up a round or two in the process.
12/10/11 2:16:01AM
I think it is a Pick em fight. In the end I think it will come down to speed and range. Now who wins either of those categories is why they have the fight. I wouldn't bet the house on either fighter.
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