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12/5/10 8:55:07PM
Gorillaz - Dirty Harry

I dig it. Never heard it before.
12/6/10 3:23:19AM
i didnt hear the song when he came out but what a strange song to walk into a fight to. strange video too.
12/6/10 10:21:45AM
It kinda is a strange song to walk out to, but it's one of those every-fighter-is-different kinds of things.

I'm thinking of "Wild Boys" by Duran Duran for CroCop and Johnny Cash's version of "Rusty Cage" for John Fitch. If it gets them pumped then good for them. I also think some fighters just don't care.

With Brookins' choice...I just dig the song itself and thought others might wanna know too. I dig the video too.
12/7/10 8:32:28AM
Yeah gorillaz are quite big over the pond here got some other really good songs.
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