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2/19/08 10:25:13AM
A question for the masses: If you could peek into the mind of someone you have observed accomplish feats in the Octagon with ease, would you?
Jon Fitch Article
2/19/08 11:31:36AM

The Fort Wayne, Indiana native, who jokingly refers to his view of his hometown’s lack of excitement as “Fort Fun”, headed to sunny California in search of true training and an escape from career stagnation and the cold weather which he loathed.

Sooooo true. The only things in this town are churches and strip clubs.
2/19/08 1:01:33PM
I liked the article
2/19/08 2:10:26PM
Fitch is quickly becoming one of my favorite fighters. I love how this guy fights.

Looking forward to seeing him in action on the 1st.
2/19/08 3:53:02PM
Fitch is the man. If/when he fights GSP I'm not going to enjoy rooting against him.
2/19/08 4:14:50PM
Fitch is an awesome fighter, that a lot of ppl dont know about. the casual MMA/UFC Fan knows nothing of who Jon Fitch is. but for those of us who have seen his potential, wow, amazing that a "new guy on the block" is DOMINATING some of the most feared WW out there for example Diego. This guy is going places.
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