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2/21/08 12:19:10PM
UFC 84 is shaping up to be really good. Link
2/21/08 2:08:09PM
He needs to work on his overhand right and call it the upper-decker.
2/21/08 2:21:41PM
That is hilarious, Kpro!

I actually think he can be a young up and comer. I liked him before the show, but he needs some work.
2/21/08 4:25:16PM
His fights are bloody and exciting from the two I've seen so this one will probably be a war too.
2/21/08 4:51:28PM
This is why many mma fans here in the US suck, He'd be HUGE in Japan for his warrior spirit and never quit, go for it all attitude. I never liked him but he proved me wrong! Plus didnt he originally come from the Lions Den? Been a while since someone out of there made some noise.
2/21/08 5:12:14PM

Posted by Kpro

He needs to work on his overhand right and call it the upper-decker.

2/21/08 5:23:32PM
How can anyone not want to see him fight? He's very exciting to watch fight. I watched his fights on TUF and I watched his fight on the Finale. They both were very exciting and I can't wait to see him fight again.
2/21/08 6:00:51PM
hes a head case, didnt he have legal problems that was going to put him in jail for a long time? why are they letting all these criminals in the ring? next thing you know there going to pull the lead in the gloves trick, lol JK

seriously i dont think he'll get very far, sure his win over j roc was cool however if they give him a top guy his UFC days are probably going to end
2/21/08 7:52:08PM
Yeah I'm pretty excited to see him fight again hope it's on the main card.
2/21/08 10:47:21PM
did he stay as a welterweight or move down in weight??
anyone know who he is fighting??
2/21/08 11:52:57PM
a friend of mine just brought up guillard v koppenhaver.....if guillard wins next fight & ufc wants him back by 84, i wouldnt mind seeing that
2/22/08 1:59:23AM
I like the kid and hope he wins another exciting bloody war!!
2/22/08 8:10:46PM
Hes fighting at 155 i am glad to see his legal problems wern't as serious as previously thought, i think he has good potential and would be huge at 155(size wise)
2/22/08 11:09:06PM
starting in the loins den is prolly why hes not a top 10 now... with his ability if he started in a good camp he could be a top 10 now instead of 2 years from now
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