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1/16/13 3:32:33PM
Jon Jones is open to a potential fight against Daniel Cormier but at this point he'd rather the former Olympian just drop weight and get in the fight.

1/16/13 4:25:24PM
Agree. After the Mir fight drop it and earn a shot against Jones.
1/16/13 4:54:42PM
Would be weird to see Cormier and Gegard in the same weight class with Gegard who looks like he could make WW.
1/16/13 5:15:27PM
Cormier wouldn't have ducked Sonnen on 6 days notice.
1/16/13 5:28:14PM
Nike payed him to say that.

Just Do It
1/16/13 6:02:05PM
Put up or shut up. Make the drop that Roy nelson won't do
1/16/13 6:16:20PM
Why?! He isn't as talented nor as experienced, with a big cut it would be an easy win. Dude is flabby, for him to do it right it would take a year.
1/16/13 6:51:18PM
i think if he does it right he could be a force at LHW. he's nearly as small as some of the LHW's now so it would definitely have to be done properly. i do hope that he moves down though. it just seems like the logical move.
1/16/13 9:24:20PM
goes both ways, jones could just go up in weight classes and stop talking about it. if i recall correctly, jones started this by saying his wresting is better than cormiers
1/17/13 1:01:52AM
this is what Cormier is planning on doing, but Jones is able to make HW, he even stated that one day he'll fight at HW..let's see if Jone's can stop Sonnen's TD's..cuz Cormier's wrestling then both Jone and Sonnen...
1/17/13 6:15:37AM
why would he move down !?? he is killing it at hw right now. No need to change a good thing.