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9/9/12 1:51:07PM
Who is John Jones?
9/9/12 2:05:16PM

Posted by Aether

Other than Anderson, I agree with him. The sport evolves so rapidly that anyone who defends a belt a few times will have pretty much automatically fought the hardest competition that has ever existed in their division. The lineup of Bader, Shogun, Rampage, Machida, and Evans all in a row is a lot tougher than just about everyone on Vitor's list other than Anderson.

If you take into account how fast the sport evolves, it's hard to argue that whatever contenders are around at any given time are not the most skilled group of fighters that have ever lived.

If you want to say all in a row, then fine that could be a point, but I think everyone is just talking total. And with Total I dont agree
9/9/12 3:33:18PM
I think it's all relative.
Sure some of the guys Vitor has fought in the past aren't as high grade as the guys today but for their time they where the best around and unlike quiet a few of them Vitor is still fighting. Not to mention alot of his fights are still very relative and important to the sport. Not knocking any of his past,notable,opponents in saying that.

You can't argue against Jones strictly speaking fight wise. He is a monster. Whether his reign will last is yet to be seen but I have a sneaking suspicion that if or when he does lose this guys going to take it so hard he'll be seeing a sports psychologist until he's 80 (Not to mention sleeping with a night light on).

I can't knock Jones on his in cage abilities but his personal attitude has left a bad taste in everyone's mouth.
9/10/12 12:50:34AM
This comment is ridiculous. Obviously Jones has never heard of Vitor Belfort
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