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3/25/11 8:36:30PM
Anyone catch the article in Sports Illustrated talking about Jon Jones and how he ran down the robber. Get this, it said that he leg sweeped him and when he was on the ground he gave a talk to the mugger about crime and evil. Funny thing is when Jon Jones explained the story the guy tripped and Gregg Jackson was the first to jump on top of the guy. Good job Sport's Illustrated. This whole situation has been blown up much worse than it really was.
3/25/11 10:10:12PM
Jones has been champion for less than a week and I'm already tired of hearing about him.
3/26/11 2:01:14PM
Seen him on jay leno telling the same story. Not a fan of his storytelling
3/26/11 6:45:39PM
I understood the story to go that the guy triped Jones was 20 yards away by the time the guy got up Jones was there he swept his leg out causing the guy to fall and Jackson used his police training tactics to control the guy. I heard an interview with Greg Jackson and thats how he explained it. He did mention Jon was giving the guy a ear full about not stealing other peoples things.
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