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10/16/10 9:50:31AM
If Jon Jones isn't fighting Ryan Bader in February at UFC 126, nobody's told him. The fast-rising light heavyweight today told a gathered crowd at the UFC Fan Expo London 2010 at London's Earls Court Exhibition Centre that his long-rumored fight with Bader at the as-yet-unannounced UFC 126 event was still a go despite UFC president Dana White's Friday comments that the contest was in jeopardy. "The Ryan Bader fight is well underway," Jones clarified. At a Friday Q&A session, White set the MMA world abuzz with a revelation that the Bader-Jones matchup, which was previously considered a virtual lock for the Feb. 5 event, was perhaps "in jeopardy." On Saturday, Jones calmed the nerves of the gathered crowd by informing them he had consulted with UFC matchmaker Joe Silva, who confirmed that the matchup was still planned for UFC 126. "I think [Bader] signed his contract," Jones said. "I've been really busy, so I haven't gotten a chance to sign my contract yet, but I think that fight will be set for Feb. 5. I'm really excited about this opportunity." The confusion may stemmed from the UFC's original plans of hosting the Jones-Bader matchup on Jan. 1 at UFC 125. Bader reportedly asked for the fight to be delayed due to personal commitments. Jones' team apparently was pushing for the New Year's Day contest but relented in favor of keeping the matchup intact.

10/16/10 12:22:57PM
Jon Jones wants a striker not a wrestler. Eventhough Jones will likely take whatever opponet he gets, down to the ground and drop elbows, give him a striker or southpaw striker.

I like to see Rampage Machida winner fight Jones for a number 2 contender spot (behind Rashad). Both lhw vets have 1 loss, and are clearly top level fighters.

If not Lil Nog should be the next choice. Lil Nog lost a close decision which many think he should have won.
Rich has only 1 fight, and if he beats Jon Jones, he would not deserve a title shot compared to others like Bader and Jones with 5 wins in a row (minus hammil). Forrest only has 1 win also, and Forrest -Rich match up really well.

Randy Couture has 3 wins, but he mentioned retiring for acting career this past week.

The other thing is Dana saying Jones needs a few more fights is nonsense. Does he have to take out the whole division?
10/16/10 12:38:20PM
Too bad. I'm not at all excited about this fight and I think it's a bad business move.
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