Why Is Jon Jones Refusing to Promote His UFC 159 Fight with Chael Sonnen?

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4/15/13 3:33:43PM
Jon Jones, the UFC light heavyweight champion of the world, gets paid by the viewer.

Like all defending UFC champions, Jones banks a dollar amount based largely on how many people order the show on pay-per-view. The number of zeros on his check will correspond closely with the amount of interest he cultivates.

It's this reality that has made combat sports athletes unique—part P.T Barnum, part Hercules. It's not enough just to win. The world is filled with broke fighters who could win bouts, but couldn't win the hearts and minds of fight fans.

** Raises hand ** - - I know why Jay-Jay isn't promoting......

#1) He is scared of facing the fastest white man alive
#2) The aforementioned P. Sonnen has deciphered the code 11 days out.....11 - 21 Dec 2012 = 21/12/2012 = 2+1+1+2+2+0+1+2 = 11. The code has been deciphered. The end is near. 11 days...

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4/15/13 4:40:11PM
No hype to this fight.
Tuf didn't help at all. They like each other.
4/15/13 10:52:43PM
I think Prozac's got it.
Plus...JJ is weird.
4/16/13 12:21:10AM
I would say it's the fastest white man thing.
4/16/13 4:09:11AM
Jon Jones is a

4/16/13 11:18:31AM

Posted by jakewalters

Jon Jones is a

4/16/13 3:14:40PM

Posted by airkerma

Posted by jakewalters

Jon Jones is a


Yes, Jon Jones is a puppy
4/16/13 3:16:11PM
haha i got it

gotta spread it around. i owe you
4/16/13 3:58:07PM
Jon couldn't sell a DUI to Doc Holiday (Val Kilmer version)
Jon couldn't sell infidelity to JFK
Jon couldn't sell a lick of Nike merchandise to the University of Oregon

He was scared to fight (C)haCha in two weeks notice and he's looking for the TRT excuse now....just like the ONE Jail-Jumpsuit Jones fan on the CHAELground.

10 - days until the headlines across the nation read, Chael P. Sonnen...

(((Spelled C-H-A... M-P)))

And my boy CM Punk will be escorting yours truly out to the CHAELtagon 4/27/13 (10pm in the east, 7pm in the west, only on ppv)

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4/16/13 4:11:12PM
Just saw you on that espn2 show with that mexican dude and his dad. Good stuff
4/16/13 5:39:25PM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

Why Is Jon Jones Refusing to Promote His UFC 159 Fight with Chael Sonnen?

probably because he is over the mockery that is the self proclaimed "Middleweight Silver Medalists" character named Chale Sonnen.

But he shouldn't be I think. Jones was running his mouth not to long ago about his opponents twitter followers being more important then their actual worth as deserving fighters so I don't know what gives. Sonnen is probably better at twitter followers then winning big MMA fights so this is kinda what Jones wanted.
4/17/13 2:06:11AM
I hear he was so drunk he didn't want to speak or do much on camera...
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