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6/29/09 7:31:54AM
Jon Jones is long removed from his days as a YouTube warrior; mining the Internet for instructional clips he could incorporate into his arsenal.

One of his favorite concepts from his wrestling days was misdirection – fake one way and go another. Keep your opponent off-balance. Be unpredictable.
“I feel like I have a little momentum going on, but I try not to focus on the past,” he said. “Muhammed Ali says you give different strokes for different folks. So I just focus on Jake O’Brien and I take it one match at a time. Right now, O’Brien is my title fight, and all my energy and focus on him.”

6/29/09 11:48:19AM
Good read. Sounds a lot better than the "Lyoto Machida is beatable" crap he was spewing earlier.

This interview sounds more grounded, and humble.

6/29/09 9:10:47PM
He's an awesome young prospect but I do think he might be getting too big of a head from all the hype...he might have to be brought down to earth before he can really reach his peak
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