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POLL: Did the UFC gain more then they lost (long term)
yes 5% (1)
no 74% (14)
depends on how it all plays out 21% (4)
8/25/12 12:00:40PM
I smell conspiracy! I think this was a setup, Hendo must have been involved too or maybe a setup after that point. Think about it, the UFC had to cancel an event, but in doing so they have made Jon Jones the most hated man in allll of MMA..........

and that my friends is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

the masses will be throwing there hard earned money around everytime this guy fights, to go to the event, to buy the PPV, or even think if they were to now do a superfight on say fox!

Anderson Silva v Jon Jones.....i know i know they dont want to fight each other but think about it.

now they have the most hated man for getting an entire event shut down, even people like me who have hugged his nuts are very unhappy with him i hope he losses. and they have a guy who offered to save the day. This could be superbowl worthy for sponsors commercials etc....imagine millions!
8/25/12 12:05:25PM
Somehow, I believe Don King was the mastermind behind it all
8/25/12 1:41:17PM
I don't think Dana is that damn shady....that's a lot of wasted money and pissed off people/fighters. The way media follows all these guys the truth would leak out really quickly too. No, I will continue to belive that the fame monster has gotten to Jones and that the dude needs to be humbled....not by losing, but by losing badly and/or losing more than 1 in a row.
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