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4/19/12 3:28:11PM
Video of Jon Jones knocking out his training partner. Take it for what it's worth.

4/19/12 5:13:34PM
Kimbo slice comeback against Brian Green comes to mind !!!
It couldn't get any faker than that !!!
4/19/12 6:31:07PM
Thats 90 days no contact
4/19/12 8:02:34PM
Greg seemed really concerned.
4/19/12 9:34:09PM
he was ko'd by a straight arm...? it wasn't a hook. I wouldn't really call that a jab either though. it was more of a push than anything.
4/19/12 9:47:06PM
wouldn't be surprised if that were fake but if it's real.. damnnnnnnnn
4/19/12 11:17:10PM
this video is kind of funny when you add in the context of the greg jackson "jon jones, go check on lyoto, get some fans" comment from ufc 140

it all makes sense now, jones was just doing like he was trained and finishing the round rather than checking on the guy he just put to sleep.
4/20/12 1:10:54AM
makes greg jackson look like a dick
4/20/12 6:28:06PM
I'm not a Jon Jones fan, but I do not have a problem with the KO.

First rule is defend yourself at all times, and his sparring partner charged in with his hands down and got caught. In this case Jones was actually moving backwards and flicked out a lead hand as the guy charged into... it wasn't like Jones was on the attack and cranked up a big kick or punch with the intent to put the guy to sleep.

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