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6/19/12 6:30:12PM

"There is so many guys out there right now to fight. I just need to get a good fight against somebody, top 10 or top 15. Now that B.J. (Penn) is back, that would be fun to settle that finally, but, I don't think he wants a piece of me so he is going after young guys."

When asked if he thought "Baby J" was "ducking" him, Fitch simply stated:

"Yeah, I do."

6/19/12 6:37:45PM
He is. Plain and simple. But Fitch, always being a gentleman also said he wasn't calling anyone out because he's injured and can't expect people to wait around for him to heal.

Damn it, I love Jon Fitch!
6/19/12 6:57:39PM
When I read the title of this thread, I thought Fitch was full of it - and then I realized he was asked a stupid question which rightfully deserves a stupid answer.

I personally think THAT was one stupid question - especially coming from a reporter/journalist.
6/19/12 6:59:06PM
Here we go again...
6/19/12 7:04:27PM
No interest in that fight again.

or Penn at 170, rather see him come back at 155 or not at all.
6/19/12 7:08:41PM
Best image I could find of their fight.

6/19/12 7:19:35PM

I like this one better.
6/19/12 7:21:39PM

Posted by NickThomas

Best image I could find of their fight.

Posted by Pookie

I like this one better.

I think these two images drum up enough interest for me to see the rematch.

Two great fighters settling the question "Who is better?" in the cage is something I always want to see.
6/19/12 8:16:54PM
I like this one

6/19/12 8:23:02PM
Sorry I'm too pumped for BJ vs Rory
I couldn't give less of a shit about what Jon Fitch thinks
6/19/12 8:24:16PM
Fitch please.
6/20/12 2:36:54AM
6/20/12 9:27:37AM
Jon Fitch needs to learn some respect.
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