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6/15/13 1:51:50PM
Sad to see Fitch lose the way he did last night
Nothing against burkman. Glad he is on a tear. Hope he comes back to Ufc

Jon Fitch is a fighter I respect. When met him he is still today one of the coolest fighters I have met.
My very first Ufc card I went too. Beside lidell and shogun I wanted to see Fitch fight. Was so pumped for it.
Sad to see someone on the top or elite level slowly just can't compete with the best.

Fighters like chuck lidell. Bj Penn. Crocop. Even fedor
No one is untouchable. Fighters like gsp and Silva will eventually lose and slowly they will just lose a step

I just hate seeing this happen to great fighters.

Forrest saw it coming. Just couldn't compete anymore. Matt Hughes got out.

How many losses does it take??
It's just sad.
6/15/13 1:54:18PM
You know Fitch I really don't mind...his wet blanket sub defense pillow hands style only ever got me excited to see him get taken that it has happened a few times I am even bored with that. I think he should be a coach.
6/15/13 2:35:46PM
Isn't it strange? Ever sense the BJ fight he hasn't been the same. One day it's......just..........gone.

I think it is happening to Gray Maynard too. It just a peak they reach and boom! they fall off and its too late to adapt to change.
6/18/13 12:38:57PM
The dude goes on a streak like few others have in the upper echelon of MMA, and now all of a sudden he is washed up? I seem to remember this same conversation being had about Machida, and he is combating for #1 contender.
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