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10/22/09 3:58:30PM
Late Wednesday UFC welterweight contender Jon Fitch (19-3 MMA, 10-1 UFC) announced his UFC 106 fight had been canceled because of a knee injury suffered by opponent by Ricardo Almeida (11-3 MMA, 4-3 UFC).

However, another bout – a rematch from 2006 – may be on the way.

A source close to the UFC today told ( that Fitch likely will instead fight fellow contender Thiago Alves (16-5 MMA, 9-3 UFC) in December at UFC 107; Alves' rumored opponent on that card, Paulo Thiago (11-1 MMA, 1-1 UFC), would instead be booked for another bout.

10/22/09 3:59:35PM
This card is f*cking sick!
10/22/09 4:27:32PM
10/22/09 4:35:37PM
I think Thiago takes it this time around.
10/22/09 4:37:17PM
huge win for both guys to get right back in contendership

i do see paulo thiago now on ufc 106 may face a kammpman or someone less on the prelim and now push the davis vs saunders on the main card

i will say this alves is a different fighter than he was when they last fought
10/22/09 4:38:40PM
Good, finally a WW fight that makes sense.
10/22/09 4:42:20PM
YES!!! I love it because atleast now Paulo Thiago atleast gets a shot too become a legit contender and get to build himself. Gettting the top 3 WW's beside GSP all in a row is definitely bullshit. Hope he gets a winnable fight and can keep growing.

BUt YES I LOVE THIS FIGHT! Definitely believe Fitch will beat him again. Be some sick exchanges on the feet but Fitch's ground game will be the factor again but this time I see it being an exciting action packed fight with Fitch getting an exciting decision nod but out working Alves.
10/22/09 5:07:36PM
WoW this card is gunna be crazy cant wait to see this **** go down i like alves winning this one GUNNA BE CRAZY!!!!!!!!
10/22/09 5:24:03PM
No.2 and no.3 WWs in the world!

How could that not be f**king awesome!?!

ps Fitch is, was and will be the no.2!
10/22/09 5:41:33PM

Posted by Aether

I think Thiago takes it this time around.

10/22/09 5:43:19PM
A rematch people have wanted to see for a while now. It makes so much sense now too. I think Alves avenges the loss.
10/22/09 5:52:30PM

Posted by EvenFlow

Posted by Aether

I think Thiago takes it this time around.


+1 and a banana!
10/22/09 5:58:48PM
perfect fight, maybe now we will also get the chance to see if paulo thiago is for real, it's a tough measuring stick fighting kos, fitch and alves in your first three ufc fights, now maybe he will get a gatekeeper to see if he really belongs or if he was just a fluke.
10/22/09 7:10:08PM
I think paulo thiago just caught a break. I like Alves focused after that gsp loss and pulls out the tko win.
10/22/09 7:43:28PM
I hope paulo thiago waits for Almeida to come back or has a fight and then goes against him. Shows where both guys are. I am so excited for alves vs fitch
10/22/09 8:16:21PM
Sick match up! War Alves!!!!
10/22/09 9:58:33PM
who has better take downs koscheck or fitch,

kos couldn't take tiago down fitch would need better wrestling then kos to even has a chance at wining
10/22/09 10:02:12PM
This is one of the most exciting rematches ever imo. You get to see the #2 and #3 WW in the world battle it out. If GSP didn't exist, Jon Fitch would be the WW champ though, so unfornately for Thiago he will remain #3 in the world after Fitch beats him. The only problem being that after Fitch beats Alves, there's no one else to face except for GSP. And even though Fitch is my second favorite fighter, I just don't see him being able to beat GSP (especially the GSP as of late, who just dominates with his wrestling not taking any chances of another Matt Serra happening). But anyways this fight has the potential to be one of the best fights of the year. WAR FITCH
10/22/09 10:17:33PM
Fitch is the best WW besides GSP, this is a sick match up but I see Fitch grinding out a decision. Not taking anything away from Alves but Fitch is a monster an I'm almost 100% sure his chin is made of iron so he's not getting KO'd which takes away pretty much all of the advantage Alves has.
10/23/09 1:57:56AM
if fitch can win again that'd be pretty fresh. dude's chin and his ability to keep fighting and avoid going out is amazing. I think alves has improved a lot since their last fight. this should be a great fight.
10/23/09 5:02:32AM
No more time out for Fitch? I guess he was on punishment long enough and is finally off the undercard. I wonder if Dana is that strict with his kids.
10/23/09 7:17:34AM

Posted by mentalcase

who has better take downs koscheck or fitch,

kos couldn't take tiago down fitch would need better wrestling then kos to even has a chance at wining

You need to look at the way Kos tried to take him down.

He only shot in against the fence once he was hurt, most of his shots ended up around the feet nopt the legs and waist.

Not taking anything away from Alves's takedown defence but Kos wasn't trying to wrestle him his takedown attempts were not his best or performed properly.

If Fitch does a proper double leg shoot it'll be more successful than Kos's td attempts whether his wrestling is better or not.
10/23/09 1:08:24PM
This is a great matchup. I'm assuming that the winner of this fight will be in line for another crack at GSP(or whoever the WW champ is at the time).

I think that Alves is a helluva fighter, but Jon Fitch is TOUGH. I've got Fitch by decision.
10/23/09 1:58:03PM
I'm taking Fitch by decision, as well. I'd love for him to shut all the boxing fans up with a nice finish, though.
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