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1/20/09 1:08:16PM
“[Akihiro Gono] is a very seasoned veteran man. He’s a slick fighter and he knows his way around a fight. He’s been fighting for like 15 years I think. So that is ridiculous. He has had a ton of fights and has only lost a handful of them and has only been finished four times in his career. To be finished four times in 15 years is super impressive. He’s got good leg kicks and kick defense and good wrestling even. His ground game is kind of under rated because he is a good grappler as well. So, he is going to be a tough opponent…. You know I’m not going to let anything outside of the fight [i.e. being on the untelevised prelim portion of the card] itself worry me. I’m there to fight Gono whether it is the main event of the card or the first fight of the night, and whether it is a sold out venue to just ten people in the stands it really doesn’t matter to me. All that other stuff is just outside crap and I am just focused on the fight it’s self and beating Gono and that is all that matters.”

1/20/09 1:25:09PM
I know it is good to never underestimating your opponent but the Gono that we saw in the UFC is nowhere close to the description !!
I think Fitch is overestimating Gono just in case he don't look so impressive.

With that said, Fitch rd 2 TKO.

1/20/09 1:33:24PM

It'll be interesting to see if Fitch/Gono are awarded bonuses or not given Dana's beef with Fitch and all...
1/20/09 3:08:56PM
Gono is one tough Mofo for sure.
Him and Fitch will have an awesome fight.
1/20/09 3:32:20PM
Should be televised. But Fitch UD.
1/20/09 4:07:20PM
Fitch just wins fights. I think we'll see a dominating UD.
1/20/09 5:55:05PM
gono will land a couple kicks, and then get toppled by fitch and he'll GnP his way to a decision.
1/20/09 10:00:14PM
Hmmm last time i check fitch is 8-1 in the ufc.....for this fight 2 not be on the main card is bs.......Fitch will pressure him get the take down and gnp...fitch by tko first round
1/20/09 10:22:01PM
There needs to be more fighters like Fitch in the UFC. A total pro who ges the job or lose. Gono is no slouch , don't get me wrong. I just like the way Fitch comes off. He should be able to dispatch Gono early with a TKO, but it could go to a UD. Like Fitch said , Gono is a tough bastard who wont cave in.
1/20/09 11:22:19PM
Fitch should win this fight by a TKO.
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