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2/23/13 8:57:31AM
On principal alone I think it's hard for most fans to go along with this.
Fitch still is a top 10. For the UFC to drop a top 10 fighter sends some very mixed signs to fans and the fight world in general.
Everyone wants to watch an entertaining fight,but is the time coming where the UFC will value that more over skill?

Maybe in the end it doesn't matter. Perhaps Fitch will go fight somewhere else and lose three straight and the UFC will pick up 3 or 4 new WW that would of smashed Fitch anyways.
2/23/13 9:33:39AM
I understand both sides...just sucks. Mostly because I'm a Fitch fan.

It didn't help to hear Dana say it was a financial decision because Fitch made a "shit load" of money only to follow up later in the evening on Rogan's podcast talking about how he once lost a million bucks in one night gambling. I get's his money and it's seperate from Zuffa/UFC but it's still bad timing, IMO.

Oh well...Jon will be a champ elsewhere. Likely in WSOF.
2/23/13 9:38:14AM

Posted by Franklinfan47

I cant tell if youre being sarcastic, but if Fitch isnt a blanket, why is he being cut? His record is like 14-3 in the UFC. And why were people saying Maia out-fitched Fitch when he layed on his back for 3 rounds?

And Santiago is 1-5 in the UFC. Just because its his first fight back of his 3rd stint doesnt change the fact he cant win a ufc fight anymore.

Not finishing fights and being a blanket are two totally different things in my world.

And your original statement about Santiago implied that he'd been in the UFC for a while and finally needed to be cut. The fact is, he did them a favor as a replacement and took the fight on short notice. "A long time coming" does not apply here.
2/23/13 6:35:31PM
Absolutely totally unacceptable.

I cannot see the other side at all.

UFC has lost a lot of my respect. First the bullshit title shots, now cutting top fighters because they aren't exciting (don't give me that crap about expense. Many fighters have to cost more.)
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