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3/24/13 11:26:41AM
Jon Fitch was cageside for Saturday's World Series of Fighting 2 event in New Jersey, and promotion president Ray Sefo had an announcement about him. The question now will be whether Sefo gets his wish – or if Fitch's first opponent will be playing hardball.

3/24/13 12:49:20PM

Fitch will ruin Burkman!
3/24/13 1:01:35PM
Perhaps we will see the reinvention of ftichs submission game. Rnc.
3/24/13 2:01:24PM
fitch beats him down same as the first time unless fitch lost his chin
3/24/13 2:11:10PM
i just hope fitch takes it seriously after getting cut from teh ufc. i could see how that would be hard on his motivation. a 100% jon fitch will probably wreck any of the WW's in WSOF i think.
3/24/13 2:26:10PM
I like Burkman it seems he has really reinvented himself since being cut from the UFC, hope he takes Fitch and get's a call from Uncle Dana
3/24/13 5:57:53PM
Get that belt Fitch
3/24/13 10:59:50PM
Not too bad...Id like to see Fitch win the belt. WSOF has a pretty good roster and getting better.