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4/6/07 8:34:43PM
Does anyone know who Fitchs next opponent will be? I think I read something about him calling out "The Heat", but I don't know if anything will come about it. He's just as good as all the other contenders in WW I think.
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4/6/07 8:39:43PM
There was an article on hime i believe on Sherdog...

The guy has an insane win streak going...I think he should definitely be in the ring with some better comp soon. Not giving him the fruits of his work with the run he is having is just plain wrong in my eyes...
4/6/07 8:42:19PM
Koscheck or Diego.
4/6/07 8:51:22PM
I doubt the UFC is looking down on him, they are not stupid. I think they are just slowly building him up to be their next superstar. The welterweight division is very stacked right now and there are a lot of fighters looking to get a shot at the gold, but eventually the pool will get exhausted and that is when they will turn to Fitch.

They know that Fitch is not going anywhere with the UFC purchasing PRIDE, so they can just have him wait. Yeah, in a sense they are screwing him over, but they are definitely not looking past (and if they are, they are stupid).

Here is what I predict is going to happen in the welterweight division:

St. Pierre vs. Serra
The winner (most likely St. Pierre) then goes on to face Matt Hughes.

The winner of that fight will face the winner of the Sanchez-Koscheck fight.
The winner of THAT fight will face the winner of Parisyan-Burkman fight.

By then, Jon Fitch will have racked up at least 4 more fights (hopefully wins) in the UFC and will have gained recognition from most of the fans. This is when he gets his title shot.
4/6/07 8:56:44PM
It seems like the TUF guys are getting precedence when it comes to the matchmaking and moving them up into bigger draws and bigger matches.

it's kinda harsh but i have to agree with you on your comment.

Let's hope he doesnt lose so he gets that shot...or has an electrifying knockout or something to get the spotlight on him...i think he more then deserves his due.
4/7/07 3:01:56AM
They should still air his fights at least i wanna see this guy fight. I dont get it like he finishes most of his fights so i cant see it bein cuz hes boring.
4/7/07 10:22:56AM
Matt Hughes,, matts going to be waiting till at least august or september for his rematch with st.pierre and he has said that he wants to be active while hes waiting and this is the only match up that makes sense.
4/7/07 1:15:33PM
Yeah if that was going to happen i would freak out....Fitch is someone i would want to win to get the recognition he deserves(at least some) and i ain't the biggest Hughes fan...

The thought makes me cringe...

4/7/07 2:27:41PM
I'd like to see Joslin get his rematch with him now that hes in the UFC, he was robbed at Freedom Fight...
4/7/07 11:45:06PM

Posted by richieb19

I'd like to see Joslin get his rematch with him now that hes in the UFC, he was robbed at Freedom Fight...

Same man that fight was garbage. Fitch had nothing on Joslin, couldnt take him down and knocked him down with an illegal headbutt. He eats a flurry of punches from Joslin and backs away and calls for a bs timeout. Then he wins probably the worst decision ive ever seen made. Joslin is the real deal and he wil have his vengeance.
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