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9/11/07 5:04:14AM
First of all, sorry, becasue I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't find it and it's not in the FAQ, but is there any reason people can't join more than one fight camp? I ask becasue I want to be in a camp with my friends, and a camp with a forum, but don't want to mix the 2.
9/11/07 5:32:04AM
I'm not understanding the problem exactly. Every camp has their own forum, unless you're talking about a fight camp based on a forum seperate from this sites, like the sherdog camps, ufcjunkie camp, etc.

Regardless, you can only join one camp, being as your scores factor into the awards for camps. If you could join multiple camps, guys with great records could join a bunch of their friends camps and influence the scores, which isn't fair to other folks.
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