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1/7/08 9:54:55PM
Hey guys if you're new to, never have joined a fight camp, or just not happy with your current fight camp, give "Xtreme Couture" a try. We are a bunch of good hard working members who get along with everyone great. So just check us out!
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1/8/08 12:04:42PM
I have been apart of this camp since I joined and has requested by Muay-Thai. There are alot of knowledgable members that are a part of this camp.
1/10/08 3:26:06PM
Come on fight fans, I know you wanna join us. Just give in.
1/30/08 9:00:10PM
Just a reminder that just about anyone is welcome at "Xtreme Couture" Just ask for an invite and I'll send one your way.
2/3/08 12:50:30AM
Xtreme Couture has been very generous to me, all memebers I have asked for help from, have all been both helpful and courteous. So Thanks Xtreme Couture!!!
3/10/08 2:59:53PM
Just letting everyone know we are still here. Check us out.
3/13/08 1:33:59AM
Yea, the message board over at Extreme Couture is really active, and the mods are really nice. They don't kick out anybody based on record, and in truth don't need to, with the 100+ members the majority of all of them have winning records based on the group collaboration.
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