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6/23/09 2:26:10PM
I have formed a new fight camp "Team American Fighter", I hope for this to be a competitive team, any informed member looking for a camp please request an invite. This is a real oppertunity to make waves in the new season.
Just some info on me, I have been on this site for some time now and have formed and been apart of some great teams. I bring a wealth of knowledge to this team, and hope to bring the best players on board. I am hoping to compete and win in either the HW or SHW division. Once again this is a great oppertunity to be apart of a championship team. Thanks for your time
6/23/09 2:29:43PM
Good Luck with the new team,
6/23/09 2:33:42PM
Thanks Chuck, I appreciate it
6/23/09 2:35:13PM
Good luck, bro!
6/23/09 2:37:11PM
Great new team to join here guys.

Cincy knows his stuff and has been a member of more than one big camp.

Good luck with the new Team
6/23/09 10:38:08PM
Good luck bro! Hope it goes well. And of course, there's always an open door for you at the PGB.
6/24/09 6:59:29PM
Thanks Bo, that's very kind of you. so far we got 10 in the camp, and hopefully more quality prospects on the way.
6/28/09 5:33:00PM
6/29/09 7:35:08PM
We are still accepting members for this upcoming season, if you're intrested let me know
7/2/09 8:18:34PM
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