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2/2/07 9:41:27AM
The fastest growing Team on this site.
I just wanna say hello and GOODBYE to the competition.
You got nothing and will suffer at our hands.
I dont mean to come out so strong before the first week but just know teams we will be chewing on your livers and spitting them out.


2/2/07 9:52:47AM
Already signed up.

I had to join the team representing the best source for mma fights on the net.
2/2/07 2:30:38PM
Ok want to join this team!

I even know the secret handshake!
2/3/07 4:23:08AM
How in the world did you get so many members in such a short time Murderers?
2/3/07 7:33:49AM
I think it was the catchy ad our leader made!!!!!

And he is a natural public relations man!!
2/3/07 11:23:28AM
I think this is fun so when i think somehting is great i run with it, however, before we get ahead of ourselves we shall see how the number look sunday.
There is the thought that to many people is bad, but is it if 99% of those peeps are also heavily involved in mma and shit?
I guess we shall see how it turns out but yea i intent to have the Chute Box of teams around here.
2/5/07 7:57:06PM
may I welcome myself aboard!
2/8/07 2:25:58AM
Hey Bluntz would love to join up.
6/22/07 2:51:43PM
Looks like a great group and i would love to join. i've watched ufc and pride from the beginning and i know alot about them.
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