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3/27/11 10:27:25AM
SEATTLE – From the moment Anthony Johnson (9-3 MMA, 6-3 UFC) vs. Dan Hardy (23-9 MMA, 4-3 UFC) was first announced for Saturday's UFC Fight Night 24 event, fans salivated at the thought of two lethal strikers standing toe-to-toe.

And in each and every pre-fight media appearance, both sluggers promised they wouldn't even consider taking the fight to the floor.

But things played out very differently during the co-feature. Johnson utilized his wrestling background to control the action on the floor for 15 rather uneventful minutes – and he makes no apologies for his performance.

3/27/11 2:41:28PM
I think Johnson's performance was fine. They swung until someone dropped, which was about one minute into the first round when AJ rattled Hardy with a headkick.
3/27/11 3:58:31PM
I love his attitude. Haters gonna hate, and he doesn't care. Can't blame the guy for taking the advantage in wrestling. More than half the MMA community gave him heat thinking he wasn't going to even make weight, let alone win, so I'm not surprised he didn't take risks for their entertainment. Why should he when they doubt him?
3/27/11 5:16:38PM
Great win, I thought it showcased his ability to grind a win out and his growth as a fighter. I picked Hardy because I thought Rumble would stand and bang and wear down,but he used his superior size and athletic ability and looked more like the well rounded fighter he is capable of being.
3/27/11 6:34:33PM
I don't understand all the hate. He fought a great fight. And lets not forget,as mentioned above,it was his kick that sent Hardy to the mat. He just capatilized on a good situation. Hardy fans shouldn't be down on Johnson but consider what Hardy could have done to make a better fight himself.
3/27/11 7:25:30PM
Nicely done, Rumble!
3/27/11 7:48:32PM
If anyone is dumb enough to take the things that are said in pre-fight hype buildups as fact, they deserve whatever disappointment they receive afterwards. I'm pretty sure BJ Penn told GSP that they were literally going to fight TO THE DEATH. Was anyone expecting that one to happen?

Wrestlers tend to like Wrestling, they're pretty decent at it I hear. When I heard Dan Hardy say "he's not going to try to take it to the ground" I laughed openly and told everyone in my vicinity that Hardy's in for a surprise if he actually believes that statement.
3/28/11 3:48:12AM
I don't know why the fans were booing just because Johnson implimented a different gameplan. Why risk standing with Hardy when you can take him down and beat him up from there. Johnson wasn't on the ground for more then 10 seconds before he started getting booed come on respect the process of mma and Johnson attempted subbs ground and pounded Hardy and controlled him easily. Johnson has nothing to be sorry for he was the better fighter. And if the fans who were booing Johnson only want to see stand up fights they should attend a K1 event and not an MMA one.
3/29/11 12:15:36AM
I have no problem with Johnsons gameplan, why not take the fight where he knows he is far superior. I was a little disappointed that Rogan didn't commend Hardy for his obvious improvement in Jiu Jitsu. It still wasn't enough to close the gap in ground skill, but it was worth giving him a little bit more credit than he received.
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