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3/3/12 6:05:18AM
Did it occur to anyone else how big of a f*** up this error really was? These guys signed special contracts that said that they would do a sudden death round if the fight ended in a draw, so basically, the entire tournament has been derailed because someone doesn't understand how to perform BASIC ADDITION.

I'm so sick of how incompetent these people are. It's ridiculous. This isn't even an error that you can attempt to pass off as being a result of subjectivity like you can with judging errors, this is ADDING 3 NUMBERS TOGETHER, and writing them on a piece of paper or entering them into a computer.

So tired of these incompetent morons. Every single card something ridiculous happens. If you showed up to work in any other profession and f***** up every single day, you would get fired pretty quickly, it's stupid how there is absolutely no accountability with these people.
3/3/12 7:25:26AM
I agree with you 100 %, its getting a little much when you know that something retarded is going to happen on the card before it even takes place. The Commissions need to get there asses in gear already, they are damaging a growing sport.

One I LOVE I would like to add

3/3/12 8:24:38AM
how was the fight not even stopped uncle creepy landed like 20 unanswered punches at the end of the fight from the mount ?
3/3/12 9:03:21AM
It's a damn shame that this stupid thing seems to have overshadowed an awesome night of fights...If it's not one thing, then it's another with these stupid excuses for judges and commissioners. This sport deserves better..

3/3/12 11:15:01AM
I think the people that screwed it up need to be held accountable because now it screws everything up with the progression of the Fly weight tourney.
3/3/12 11:40:45AM
This is why I feel so strongly about ex fighters being judges. They realize the situation that they are in as a judge fully! They would have logical (however opinionated) reasoning behind their scores if controversy did arise, and wouldn't be afraid to explain themselves on camera afterwards. The situation with judges and referees is amazing! Every single event there is a significant issue that brings this topic out yet again, and usually its a top fight on the card. Mad props to anyone who can make a truly comprehensive list of say the last 10-20 fights, nature of the controversy, parties involved and subsequent result.
3/3/12 12:27:23PM
I hear ya Aether!
My friends & myself were all break dancing in celebration of a sudden death round! Anyone with 2 eyes knew that the bout was going to sudden death! Which potentially would have been the most epic thing in the history of UFC... BUT surprise surprise! Some fuckin "official" cant do math & ruins UFC history for everybody. I hope who ever was responsible loses there job &/or there life
3/3/12 12:46:40PM
I agree with the sentiment, but for once, we were dealing with a different I'm not ready to lump this guy in with the dimwits stateside that make mistake after mistake after mistake. And for once, the judges actually did their job. It was another member of the commission that made the error. And although it sucks when a mistake parlays into a big mess like this, the gentleman at least had the decency to admit his fault and was prepared to address any questions from the public. That's far beyond anything I'd expect to see from Nevada...and Nevada makes plenty of mistakes.
3/3/12 1:40:54PM
A very unfortunate error.

A sudden death round would have been ideal, but if it had to be decided based on the three rounds we saw, then I would have given the edge to McCall (just based on my untrained eye, I thought he took the first and third round).

Too bad these guys now have to rearrange their schedules to fight again in such a short amount of time. Hopefully whoever screwed up the calculations was either fired or disciplined.
3/3/12 5:10:15PM
It's upsetting, but I agree with Grappler on this one. Australia isn't known for huge mistakes and this particular director faced the music like a man. He didn't make excuses and he didn't shift the blame. That's all you can ask from a human. Did his mistake prove to be rather costly? Sure, but he owned it like a grown-up and did what he could to shift all the focus onto him at that point. I respect when someone owns their actions like that.

Side Note: I still cannot see how McCall lost that fight before the 10-8

Also, I love that Dimitrou gave that first round a 10-10
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