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3/18/13 9:58:40PM
John Makdessi admits his patience was tested at UFC 158. Opponent Daron Cruickshank complained about a low kick and a shot back to the head. The scratches, though, bothered Makdessi more than anything.

3/18/13 10:27:56PM
Cruickshank was pawing at him hands open all fight long. It was an eye poke waiting to happen every time.
3/19/13 9:57:18AM
Crook-shank did have his hands open the whole fight and I'm surprised he didn't poke Makdessi in the eye more. I noticed the scratches on Makdessi's neck they were pretty bad. They need to start penalizing fighters more for the open hands and eye pokes before someone gets blinded and their career is ruined!!!
3/19/13 10:07:42AM
this is a clever ruse to hide the fact he took home a scratching hooker
3/19/13 9:44:39PM
Weird. Ref is supposed to check the fingernails to make sure they're trimmed and the gloves to makes sure theres no velcro sticking out. Must have missed on one of those.