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9/23/07 11:44:42PM
Which is worse in your opinion, when John Madden says something like "Playing football is hard in the mud" or when Joe Rogan says something like "Its hard to be offensive on your back"
9/24/07 12:25:00AM
It's for the chicks who watch football and mma they dont know any better.
9/24/07 1:31:06AM
John Madden is much worse. At least most of the time Rogan has a good take on things. Madden is just ridiculous.
9/24/07 2:20:18AM
Madden - If Brett Favre was in UFC, he'd be the best torso to ever hold the belt.
9/24/07 10:53:03AM
I dunno man, this "button" Joe Rogan is always talking about... I haven't ever seen it. I even tried taping my eyes open so I wouldn't blink and watched a punch in slow-motion but couldn't see that button. Joe Rogan must have super powers 'cause that button obviously can not be seen by anyone but him.
9/24/07 12:23:46PM
All night long i could just hear Mike saying "WTF are you talking about Captain Obvious?".
9/24/07 10:51:27PM
tough actin tanactin
9/25/07 2:07:09AM
Madden's career honestly offends me.At least Rogan kinda does comedy (well, he rants incessantly...but I guess it counts) and is a pretty interesting guy in a lot of ways, whether you agree with his views or not.Madden gets paid millions upon millions in endorsements and tv deals basically because he is a driveling idiot who has been around for years, and is, therefore, considered a mainstay of the sport.Don't believe me?Someone name one thing he (not his marketing agents) is GOOD at.Any talent at all.And no, his long-ago football career doesn't count.

....incessant rant off....
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