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4/7/09 11:16:47AM
And he's made that clear amidst apparently being called that by Anthony Johnson, who Howard was to originally fight at the TUF 9 Finale before being pulled from the fight-a decision that apparently wasn't Howard's. But Howard still wants the fight and to make "Rumble" eat his words.

4/7/09 12:06:30PM
bad move by john howard.
4/7/09 5:45:28PM
bad move? nah, he didnt say he was fighting him.. jus said he would. he needs to talk and get ppl hyped on him.... he needs to worry about his next fight though and not Anthony "hyped up" Johnson for now.
4/7/09 6:47:20PM
Now I want a little clarification. Who exactly was it that scrapped this fight? Was it Joe Silva, or did Howard's "representative" decline the fight?

Not that I would think John Howard was a Coward by any means.
4/7/09 8:08:51PM
John Howard is No Coward

It rhymes so it must be true!
4/7/09 8:32:20PM
I think howard would get destroyed by Johnson.
4/7/09 8:38:30PM

I want to fight him, and the first chance I get the OK to fight him, I will.

If Johnson beats Matt Brown, there will probably never be a chance for Howard to fight him.
4/7/09 9:03:07PM
Thats a very good point. When Jonson Kos Brown he will be on to bigger and better things. While howard wil go on to lose a couple of fights and bouce out of the UFC. Sorry Jon but ......................
4/7/09 9:11:12PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

I think howard would get destroyed by Johnson.

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