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1/12/09 6:00:11AM
Who are these two fighters? I never seen them fight before but who is thte stronger fighter? I have no clue of who to pick for this bout, who do you all think takes this one?
1/12/09 8:34:40AM
I'm taking the hater route and keeping my picks to myself this season lol

Both are undefeated, though
1/12/09 9:08:21AM

Posted by Jackelope

I'm taking the hater route and keeping my picks to myself this season lol

lol...that's the same reason why I haven't responded.
1/12/09 9:56:33AM
Hathaway is probably the better fighter. I believe that he was slated to be on TUF 9, but they offered him a contract instead.

Hathaway is the more-rounded fighter, and Egan likes to stand.

1/12/09 11:29:44AM
Don't know much about either, but Hathaway appears to be the better fighter, atleast on paper. I'm taking him by a 2nd rd tko.
1/12/09 1:46:25PM
I don't know and I'd say I don't care, but it's worth points. I'm picking Hathaway as he seems to be the more well rounded righter.
1/12/09 1:55:28PM
Hathaway because he has 3 times the fights of Egan.
1/12/09 2:55:01PM
i'm a bit nicer than grappler and Jackelope so i'll say this: since Egan is already an underdog: Hathaway is gonna be brought in to be built up as another British star. he completely outclasses Egan in this fight and it shouldn't even be close.
1/12/09 3:18:45PM
I won't comment too much on the fight as after all this is a competition, but this fight is also a pretty easy one to figure out, so I don't mind giving you some tools to figure out the fight for yourself. I noticed a couple of Tom Egan's fights have made it on the net so here are two of the three.

Thomas Egan vs Richard Taylor

Thomas Egan vs Arturas Pranckevicius
1/12/09 4:04:51PM
Hathaway is pretty impressive. He's def. my pick.
1/12/09 4:07:22PM
Im picking Hathaway, ive never not been impressed by this kids performances, hes got huuuge potential if he keeps training right. Even if he looses I wont be disappointed with my pick.
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