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POLL: Who will win?
John Hathaway 10% (3)
Erick Silva 90% (27)
3/7/13 5:37:52AM
i wanted to add this to the News Forum, but i suck at embedding tweets, so i just figured I'd make a poll here.

John Hathaway just tweeted that the rumors were true & he is fighting Erick Silva at TUF Brazil in June.

Who do you think will win?
3/7/13 5:59:41AM
Good fight but I think Silva is going to be to explosive
3/7/13 9:18:15AM
Hathaway ain't no Fitch
Silva by Ko
3/7/13 9:19:14AM
Silva will destroy Hathaway.
3/7/13 11:53:41PM
Hathaway is a fighter that just hasn't peaked yet, or maybe Diego was the peak
3/8/13 5:48:44PM
im going against the grain here and going with hathaway.

He really has underrated stand up, and usually drops his opponents in every fight. Great knees, and long rangey punches.

I also think he has the wrestling and clinch work to smother silva, similiar to how fitch did it.

Lets not forget that hathaway has a 17-1 record and is 7-1 in the ufc alone !

I really can see hathaway nulifying silva's stand up with clinching, getting the takedown and really just mixing it up.
3/8/13 6:17:50PM
Diego Sanchez > Charlie Brenneman

if we look at best wins
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