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9/6/12 10:25:36PM
We all know the nerdy side of ESPN NFL reporter John Clayton, but not many know his life behind the scenes until this recently released SportsCenter commercial...

YOUTUBE - This is SportsCenter - John Clayton
9/7/12 1:25:09AM
That is by far the greatest commercial I have ever seen
9/7/12 9:22:12AM

Thats funny
9/7/12 9:53:05AM
aka Mr. Mackey
9/7/12 9:57:20AM
Ah perfect, I saw that on sports center this morning and was going to start trying to find a video. I have to say that in general I can barely stand him and some of the other 'experts' espn brings in, but this was pure gold.
9/7/12 12:53:43PM
9/7/12 2:02:50PM
at first I thought this was a Terry Tate rip off

then I