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2/27/07 6:42:09PM
The king of the burbs got eliminated. can you believe it. Im reppen tv's, suv's, and keg parties till I die!


Holla back
2/27/07 6:47:44PM
that guy was my hero. i hope they do another season that show is too funny.

i'm not a mma fan, i'm an entity.
2/28/07 2:42:19AM
That was a joke. Shamrocks alright, but no doubt about it that John Brown should've have won. Actually i've checked out all of their music pages on myspace and Dasit(the first one eliminated) is the best one out of all of them. Check out the song Hater2. It's the shit.
2/28/07 4:03:41AM
She a stunna ....she a stunnaa....she need a grown ass man in her life.....King of the burbs baby!!!

4ever i love ATLANTA.....thats how it goes down
3/1/07 1:18:00AM
one word........... lame!
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