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3/8/10 12:21:01AM

Mixed martial arts veteran John "The Natural" Alessio (27-13) is campaigning to be apart of UFC 115 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The thirty year-old maturing Canadian fighter most recently scored his third straight victory at Ring of Fire 37. After Alessio submitted Matt Delanoit, he made it known that his sights are set on being in the UFC to fight in his hometown.

"I want to be on the UFC 115 because like most fighters it's there dream to compete in the UFC, the worlds biggest MMA stage in there hometown," Alessio told MMA Recap. "It would mean a great deal to me and all my family and friends."

"It would mean the world to me, it would be a dream come true. I know that I'm working harder than ever to get back in the UFC. I know that I just need to keep training hard, live a clean life, and if its in Gods will, I will get back in the UFC soon enough," Alessio continued.

Alessio suffered two losses in the UFC both of which he went the distance with the likes of former #1 welterweight contender in Thiago Alves, and former #1 lightweight contender Diego Sanchez. Since Alessio's departure from the UFC he has racked up wins over UFC veterans Luigi Fioravanti, Pete Spratt, Brian Gassaway, and Gideon Ray.

"I've improved alot because I'm continually learning new things. My ground game has gotten a lot tighter with Robert Drysdale, I have gotten a lot stronger with the help of Jake Bonacci, and my striking is always imroving with the hlp from Shawn Tompkins and Gil Martinez. It's an everyday thing for me now, not just when it's time to get ready for a fight."

Alessio had this to say on his big win over the UFC veteran Luigi Fioravanti.

"My win over Luigi was one of the biggest ones in my career. I have a lot of respect for Luigi, he's a great fighter. I was honored to fight him and grateful to come out on top."

John Alessio most recently fought at "Ring of Fire 37: Warlords" where he submitted Matt Delanoit in the co-main event in Omaha, Nebraska.

"The fight with Matt Delanoit went great," Alessio said. "I wanted to finish it early to show dominance. He's a scrappy kid and didn't want to give him a chance to win."

Alessio had this message to the fans have been helping him on his mission to UFC 115. "I am very thankful that the fans have been helping me campaign my way back to UFC. I have a great family and friends that really support me, it means alot to me, I feel blessed. To all my fans out there I just want to say thanks, I will continue to train hard and fight hard. God has blessed me with being able to live my life as a fighter."

If you would like to help John Alessio fight at UFC 115, please join the group on facebook and spread the word.

John Alessio to UFC 115 Facebook group
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3/8/10 12:28:10AM
everyone help john alessio get it
3/8/10 5:29:55PM
this is absolutely ridiculous.
3/8/10 10:43:46PM
if he does he will probably fight claude patrick
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