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POLL: Who Wins?
James Te Huna 90% (18)
Joey Beltran 10% (2)
6/11/12 6:00:33PM
via UFC Twitter.

Very excited to see Beltran back in the UFC & even more excited about the awesome match up.

Who you got?
6/11/12 6:09:38PM
I like Te Huna's chances
6/11/12 6:19:28PM
Good to see Beltran return, but he's facing a tough opponent in Te Huna.

Would have like to see Beltran come back at 205 like he is, but maybe give him an easier fight, as I don't want to see him exit again so quickly potentially.
6/11/12 7:12:24PM
When's Yvel going to get his chance at 205? I rather Yvel back then a punching bag....
6/11/12 7:15:49PM
Good fight but I got Te Huna taking it all day
6/11/12 7:44:50PM
I don't see Beltran standing much of a chance. Te Huna will light him up on the feet and his TDD is solid.
6/11/12 7:45:43PM
6/11/12 8:31:07PM
Te huna by decision
6/11/12 9:21:40PM
Gotta go with Te Huna. The only New Zealander in the UFC, besides Mark Hunt. He will have a reach and power advantage. Beltran has a solid chin from what I can remember, why did he leave anyway? I thought he retired of his own volition.

Apparently TeHuna's a bad sport though, stomped Anthony Perosh after KOing him
6/12/12 6:11:28AM
When I saw this headline, I immediately thought of Jim Ross declaring we have a slobberknocker on our hands.
6/12/12 11:35:39AM
Going with tuna
6/12/12 3:04:01PM
i would also like to see yvel get his shot at 205. when i heard him & beltran were dropping, i instantly wanted to see them both fight. & agreed on te huna getting the victory
6/13/12 3:02:32PM
Damn I was hoping for Glover vs Te Huna thatd be f#2king nuts but this works too. Te Huna is the truth, Beltran is tough but I dont think hits hard enough to put Te Huna away before he takes his head off.
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