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10/25/09 1:46:27AM
I am so impressed with him. He has taken his game to another level after joining Greg Jackson. He was possibly one fight from leaving the UFC and has come back with two great wins against game opponents. I have a feeling he's going to make a nice run back into title contention.
10/25/09 1:53:56AM
He looked SCARY good tonight. I was quite impressed.
10/25/09 9:32:43AM
I like Stevenson. I picked Spencer but Joe 'Daddy' impressed.
10/26/09 3:31:19PM
I think they are putting something in the water out there at Jackson's. It's clear they take the mental aspect of the game as serious as the physical. Joe looked like a different fighter out there i have never seen him look so confident. I was pullin for Fisher tho.
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