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1/10/09 1:21:53PM
i want to come up with another fantasy game, but this one involved with setting match-ups. but i need help with the details....
something like people make x amount of picks for the year for each division, including title shots, and points are awarded for fights that happen...... any intrest, ideas, improvement?
1/10/09 5:42:23PM
i'm interested. just let me know if you get this started.
1/10/09 5:45:58PM
you should check out mmajunkie. they have a fantasy game that involves title shots and 1 vs 1 matchups. and you can also be on a team.
1/10/09 6:29:20PM
if it gets started up i want in
1/10/09 10:39:46PM
Im in.
1/11/09 3:27:03PM
i wish the playground could set up the fight camps a little differently... like THIS so we didn't have just a leader,,, but rankings like the military

sorry, i know this had nothing to do with your blog, just thought I''d share my idea anyway
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