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5/1/10 8:54:58PM

Great interview with Rogan. He talks about every topic in MMA and leaves no stone unturned. He even discusses Brock VS Fedor!

Anyways,great way to pass an hour. Here's the link.
5/1/10 8:57:23PM

Awesome...I already watched the promo video and was waiting for the full thing.
5/2/10 8:14:59AM
him talking about brock in his stand up is the funniest thing Ive ever heard.

"they guy would absolutely rape me, look at the size of that monster, no f*** that, brock lesnar would use me as a condom to rape somebody else and id be inclined to just let it happen and cry about it later, in a closet while sucking my thumb"

5/2/10 3:32:49PM
I seriously spit out my beer when I heard him say that. I wish they'd let Joe Rogan be more candid when he's calling matches. That would be awesome.
5/5/10 8:51:53PM
Awesome vid! Rogan is the usual. What was with the Fing Kiwala bear!?? Looked like ti was Joe's little tripping buddy, complete with hugely dialiate pupils!??!?!?
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