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4/9/12 2:35:22PM
UFC announcer Joe Rogan has expressed a measure of support for fan efforts to get UFC Heavyweight Mark Hunt a title shot against Junior dos Santos should Alistair Overeem be unable to get licensed for the May 26th bout. Rogan posted on the UG:

There are some wise people on this board, and I support this movement.

Style wise that might be the most exciting match up. Either way, even if Hunt doesn't replace the reem I would still love to see this matchup down the road, especially considering how good Hunt looked against Kongo.

Has anyone started a twitter bomb campaign for this?

4/9/12 2:39:30PM
I don't think Hunt should be given a title shot over Mir. Don't get me wrong, I like Hunt and I'd be excited if he did, but IMO Mir's current streak is more impressive and he's higher in the rankings.

But like I said, if Hunt was given the title shot, I'd be excited without a doubt.
4/9/12 2:45:57PM
4/9/12 3:34:41PM
I know what Mark Hunt is capable of, and I know in any fight it just takes one well timed decision to completely change the aspect of the fight, but I seriously do not see Hunt beating JDS at all.

He could make it competitive but I don't think it would last all 5, I would take JDS tko rd 3.
4/9/12 4:54:46PM
If it was jds vs hunt. Or no title fight main event
Obvious I would want the jds vs hunt match
At least I would know it would end in a Ko
4/9/12 5:28:12PM
Joe Rogan supports weak commentary as well.
4/10/12 4:06:22AM
Hunt would be good but HE DOESN'T DESERVE IT! Overeem better not get the fight since Dana and crew are attempting to get him a license still. I would like to see Hendo fight JDS since Mir isn't getting the shot.
4/10/12 4:08:30AM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

Joe Rogan supports weak commentary as well.

Rogan's commentating isn't weak. He's just a big fan who let's that get in the way sometimes. Him and Bas would be a great combo
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